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The Alvernia Bilingual School students stands out wherever they go because of their ability to listen, tolerance and human sense. They are autonomous and critical of social reality, and know how to responsibly manage the natural and technological resources available.

With more than 80 years of experience and excellent academic results and constructivist methodology makes us the best option.


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The Alvernia School student stands out wherever he goes for his ability to listen, tolerance and human sense.

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We welcome you to the Alvernia Bilingual School, we are interested in providing the best advice so that you can get to know the school.

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Our student is an autonomous and critical person in the face of social reality, he knows how to responsibly manage natural and technological resources.

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Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers with a high academic level and great human values

Training in Values

We work on emotional and environmental education so that our contribution to society is invaluable

Excellent Academic Results

Very High Level in the SABER Tests


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Alvernia Bilingual School has more than 80 years of experience in primary and secondary education, training socially and environmentally responsible women and men leaders based on ethical values ​​to serve society through their profession and life model.At Alvernia Bilingual School, we are committed to the pursuit and continuous improvement of our educational system.

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Social impact of astronomy in educational training

From very early ages they try to bring us closer

Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate


Our religious Community

It is the backbone of our Alvernia Bilingual School, that is the reason for our mission as FRANCISCAN SISTERS OF MARY IMMACULATE, is how we can express that we are all and do PASTORAL, with our life, example and Identity with the Franciscan-Charidadian Spirituality.

Hna Cristina
Pastoral's coordinator