Quality Politics


Continual Improvement

Alvernia School provides a high-quality Bilingual educational service dynamized by the Francisco-Caridiano Charism committed to compliance with requirements, risk identification and continuous improvement of all its processes.


Quality Goals

  • Establish and execute the policy of evaluation and continuous improvement of the PEI.
  • Maintain the operational effectiveness of institutional processes at an average of 82% in their performance.
  • Institutionally position and measure the level of appropriation and development of the pedagogical model energized by the Franciscan-Charidadian charism.
  • Improve the results in the SABER census tests of the Colombian Institute for the promotion of higher education.
  • Reach a perception of 73%, compared to the actions and activities oriented to the organizational climate and fraternal relations.
  • Ensure the good condition of the physical plant, as well as the good management of resources, from the principles of austerity and savings.
  • Reach the break-even point of the College’s financial status.