Social Entrepreneurship



Understanding the social world with the active role of the researcher, integrating environmental and cultural knowledge into the context, is one of our objectives. The Alvernia student has a scientific approach, understands the social world, the challenges of the present and future, and proposes projects that positively impact his community.

The skills he develops are:

  • Autonomous reflection
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Critical thinking
  • Human-Christian responsibility
  • Proactivity

Emotional Education

For us, strengthening the affective and social capacities of students is just as important as their academic training. We want them to be happy and learn to live in community. Our Franciscan-Charidadian pedagogical approach helps us to achieve this, since it is aimed at “living the duties of life” from the school context and in perspective with the different daily situations.

We guide them to that they learn to discover, express and live affectivity assertively; develop emotional intelligence, self-management and regulation to establish reciprocal and fraternal relationships with others; assume challenges and commitments that lead to personal and social responsibility to live in harmony.


Environmental Leadership

We love nature, it inspires us and we are committed to its preservation and the sustainable use of natural resources as Saint Francis of Assisi did. We promote the Alvernia student’s approach to the natural world with an active role as a researcher, motivating him to participate in environmental and technological challenges so that he is able to propose sustainable solutions in the local and global context. Likewise, we seek that students commit to the preservation and use of the planet’s resources that God gave us for our well-being and development. We carry out activities such as:

• Science Day
• Ecological trips
• “Life Footprints” Project
• Environmental Forum.