International High School Diploma


Double Degree

The importance of our Double Degree Program (International High School Diploma Program) is invaluable for the future of our students and their professional perspectives. Our program gives our students the opportunity to explore different fields of study and increase their level of maturity and Commitment to their academic goals. In addition, our program opens the doors for our students to explore different subject areas and develop a greater understanding of a variety of disciplines in an international environment with classmates in different countries around the world.


This opportunity allows us to prepare well-rounded, bilingual leaders with global perspectives and multicultural human values. Our program also develops skills as our students are exposed to different accents, customs, and cultural nuances. With the right language skills, our students will be able to communicate and interact with people around the world, develop a deeper understanding of global issues and events, and gain a competitive edge in their academic and professional environments.

Finally, we want to extent this invitation to our entire academic community.