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About Us

The Alvernia Bilingual School students stand out wherever they go because of their ability to listen, tolerance and human sense. They are autonomous and critical of social reality, and know how to responsibly manage the natural and technological resources available.

With more than 80 years of experience and excellent academic results and constructivist methodology makes us the best option.



The Alvernia Bilingual School, directed by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate, offers a formal education to girls, boys and young people, promoting the development of competencies and human-Christian values, based on the principles of the Gospel and the Franciscan Charidadian charism, which shape the student profile and commit them as leaders focused on minimizing environmental and social problems.


Being a private institution recognized in the academic community of the Capital District for the quality of the Bilingual Mixed Educational Service, positioning ourselves as leaders in the training of children and young people with Human Christian values, competent, socially and environmentally responsible.



  • Responsibility.
  • Charidadian
  • Leadership.   
  • Ecological sense.   
  • Academic excellence.   
  • Participation.   
  • Fraternity.   
  • Communion.   
  • Solidarity economy.   
  • Organizational environment.
  • Respect


  • We manage with objectivity and systematization, the pertinent processes for the achievement of the institutional objectives, in harmony with educational legislation.
  • We lead with a fraternal spirit the achievement of institutional goals, promoting the continuous improvement of the quality of the educational service.
  • We recognize the responsibility of human beings to care for the natural and social environment, prioritizing educational practices oriented to the adequate and creative use of resources.
  • We promote excellence as the responsible pursuit of the improvement of intellectual and social competencies.
  • We educate with and in love following the example of Christ, training women and men who are sensitive and committed to society.
  • We encourage the participation of the educational community, enabling the exercise of autonomy, democracy, the construction and exchange of knowledge, as well as concerted decision-making.
  • We promote fraternal actions of respect and justice, based on assertive communication in favor of brotherhood and common benefit.
  • We center our community, spiritual and academic life on Franciscan-Charidadian values, which we live and celebrate daily in the Eucharist.
  • We guarantee institutional resources that contribute to the quality of the educational services, without prejudice to institutional and community strengthening.



Youth of Alvernia forward,
Conquering virtue and knowledge
A volcano of ideals the soul
And in the mind the light of faith.

Alba flower of science we seek
With subtle aromas of virtue
And shall be her orchard our souls,
Her smile happy youth.

If Francisco lived in the Alvernia
His divine poem of love,
Our Alvernia is also a poem
Of nobility, virtues and honor.

Chorus (encore)

To the ideal summit of the Alvernia
we will climb paths of light, noble guide carrying science
and a divine torch, the cross.

As the blue of the skies radiates
over all Colombia triumphant to radiate
with the light of the idea
of the Alvernia will be the ideal.

Chorus (encore)

Sweet Alvernia that evokes to the soul
the smiling miracle of Assisi,
our souls will be reliquaries
of your holy happy memory.

If Francisco brought from Alvernia
five stigmata of regal splendor,
from Alvernia we will also bring
science, happiness, virtue, light and love.